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Think ProCart, Think Inc.’s flagship e-commerce solution, has adopted a new industry-leading platform for website analytics reporting in Google Analytics.

Our shopping cart is designed to support multiple levels of categorization of product items contained within a single web application. Pageviews are generated as the user navigates through the shopping cart’s logical hierarchy of products, facilitating a positive user experience and allowing the customer to find what they’re looking for as easily as possible and buying it – with the least amount of resistance!

As the user navigates through the product catalogue, finds and chooses their desired merchandise for purchase, the application takes him or her to website addresses that contain URL variables in their paths.  These are the Pages that Google Analytics log in Pageviews, accessible from the Content > Top Content of the profiles left-side navigation menu.

However, Pageviews are not representative of the actual interaction that has occurred in the shopping experience within the web application.  In order for us to qualify specific activities that have taken place during the buying process such as browsing to specific categories, subcategories and product items, or clicking the “Add to Cart Button” from anywhere within the shopping cart, we have integrated Google Analytics code for tracking events to capture data representing specific events such as mouse clicks or forms submission. We can then analyze our customer’s data with greater insight drilling down to the product level that posted a positive sale or abandonment, both of which are significant conversion metrics in the sales process, otherwise known as the E-commerce Conversion Rate in Google Analytics.

The result is a better and improved product in Think ProCart, backed by industry-leading technology and certified expertise from our Google Analytics Qualified Individuals.

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