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Digital Marketing Strategy Vancouver

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Every company needs a digital campaign strategy to help build their business, increase market share, and bring in more leads. When it comes to digital marketing vs. traditional, there are a lot of advantages to having a solid digital marketing strategy in place. It’s easier to measure the results as most digital channels have measurable metrics that can be quantified to help determine your marketing return on investment. Digital marketing also allows for better targeting to reach the right audience for your brand. 

Think Profits is a digital marketing strategy agency located in Vancouver, BC. We pride ourselves on creating customized digital marketing strategies for businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

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What is Digital Marketing Strategy?

A digital marketing strategy, in essence, helps your brand achieve specific digital goals by utilizing online marketing channels such as social media, pay per click, and outbound methods.

The most common digital marketing initiatives center around sharing a strategic brand message through search engines, social media, applications, email, and websites. 

Our in-house team will work with your business to help define your marketing goals, your target audience, and your overall vision in order to properly formulate your digital marketing strategy.

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digital marketing agency vancouver

Digital Marketing Consultant

At Think Profits, digital marketing strategies are developed by our professional digital marketing consultants who take great care in researching and auditing your existing marketing structure. Thanks to their high level of oversight, they’re able to establish the best path for your digital marketing plan. 

Today’s digital marketing methods often focus on not only reaching the customer, but there’s an increasing amount of conversion-oriented messaging across multiple channels as part of a digital campaign strategy. The marketing team at Think Profits then uses the results from the campaign to determine the best digital marketing channels moving forward. A digital marketing strategy should be fluid and open to change because there’s always room for refinement and optimization.

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Digital Marketing Audit

A digital marketing audit is essential to establish baselines to help us understand where your business is currently at both in terms of marketing, sales, and optimization. A detailed audit is undertaken to look at current and past marketing campaigns along with a thorough evaluation of the business website. Once an audit is complete, the process of creating a digital marketing strategy can begin. 

We may discover that one or more marketing channels produce better results, but there’s no way to tell until the digital strategy is implemented.

When all tactics are used together, they will create a holistic approach to getting your business more leads.

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Digital marketing audit

Here are just a few of the digital marketing tactics we can employ for your business and brand:

Digital Marketing Campaign Strategy

Bear in mind, no two digital marketing campaign strategies are alike. Your business will need a unique strategy that fits your brand’s needs and involves a combination of approaches.

A well-crafted online digital marketing strategy details the following goal types:

  • Short-term
  • Medium-term
  • Long-term

By setting multiple goal types means you can develop a better plan for your business. Short and medium-term goals help push you to achieving your long-term goals.

A digital marketing strategy is a crucial part of helping your business scale in the right direction. Once you have a digital marketing action plan in place, you can keep your business focused on achieving your goals and vision.

Digital Product Marketing Strategy

When it comes to a cohesive digital marketing strategy for products, it’s important to include an ecommerce platform in order to properly take advantage of your incoming leads and sales inquiries. If you’re selling a product, it’s imperative in today’s marketplace that you are able to sell online. As more and more businesses move to an online model, more websites are becoming ecommerce adaptive.

Consequently, Think Profits ensures that all digital marketing strategies for products in Vancouver include the creation of an ecommerce platform, or the optimization of an existing platform to ensure businesses are able to get the best use out of their marketing budget.

Starting a Startup?

If you’re starting out at the ground level with a startup business, it’s so important to have a digital marketing plan as early as possible, ready for when you begin to roll out your product or service. 

By establishing your digital campaign strategy, you’re able to nurture your business during those early stages of growth, placing your new startup on firm footing as you scale for the future.

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Website Maintenance

As part of an inclusive digital marketing strategy, once the audit is complete, website changes are made and the website itself is monitored on a consistent basis in order to evaluate tweaks and changes that could be made to improve lead generation and conversion rates. 

The team at Think Profits has lots of experience with website maintenance and is able to make educated and best practice recommendations for changes and maintenance to your website as part of the overall online digital marketing plan.

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