Executive Hotels is an international hotel chain with 15 locations throughout Canada and the US. Their boutique hotels are located in central, yet quiet, locations in the heart of major cities, including Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Seattle, San Francisco, and more. Previously, their paid advertising included Google AdWords, with impressive results of more than seven million Impressions.

However, they wanted a revamped digital marketing campaign to increase their online visibility and put more “heads in beds”. Their target included business and leisure travelers and also planners who needed to book venues for weddings, meetings, and events.


Executive Hotels & Resorts

What We did

Responsive Website Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Email Marketing, Paid Social Media Advertising, Content Development, Web Analytics

The Results


In increased revenue over 15 months

  • 400,000 increase in unique visitors year over year


Online ad impressions

  • 275,000 unique visitors from SEO
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At the time, the current Executive Hotels PPC campaign was largely unfocused and contained thousands of random keywords that activated their ads for unqualified users. They were competing against themselves, which drove up their own cost per click. Based on the size of their budget, they were limiting themselves by only leveraging their digital marketing campaign with Google AdWords. They set a goal of reaching ten million Impressions.

Executive Hotel website

Think Profits has helped us to gain the results needed from our Google and Bing paid and organic search marketing initiatives; increasing the quantity as well as the quality of leads coming in. This has led to increased room nights (heads in beds) and revenues for our group of hotels in Canada and the United States, for less than our OTA costs. With their knowledgeable and dedicated teams, they have become a valued source for implementing our digital marketing strategies.

Nash BanajiVP, CMO, Brand Architect

How thinkprofits.com

helped achieve $3 Million

in revenue

Think Profits reviewed and refocused the current PPC campaign and incorporated more relevant keywords and better-written ads. Several ad campaigns were created for very specific location-centric Ad Groups.

An additional PPC campaign was created for Facebook and the Microsoft Advertising Network which covers the Bing and Yahoo search engines. A display advertising campaign was also created to promote their online banners to YouTube users searching for travel and accommodations wherever there was an Executive Hotel.

An email ad exclusive marketing campaign was created and sent to thousands of Globe and Mail newsletter subscribers who are specifically interested in travel and accommodation information.

Banner ads were created and featured in strategic points on the travel website TripAdvisor, one of the world’s most popular travel websites.

A remarketing campaign was also implemented to continue retargeting previous visitors to their website.

SEO maintenance is continually performed on the website and a new landing page is written for them every month.

The Results

By the end of the second quarter, Executive Hotels was on pace to far exceed their goal of ten million online ad impressions. All factors combined, the digital marketing campaign has generated more than 26 million impressions in just six months. Their online presence has a greater reach by including Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo in their PPC campaigns. Their branding is also much more focused by targeting more specific leads through TripAdvisor and The Globe and Mail Ad Exclusives.

  • Exceeded their goal of 10 million online ad impressions
  • Increased unique visitors by close to 400,000 year over year, 275,000 of which came from organic SEO
  • Revenue increased by $3 million over a 15 month implementation period