Mujo Learning Systems Mujo was founded to break down barriers between marketing professionals and students. Mujo’s three books and turnkey digital marketing curriculum bridge the gap between educators and industry professionals.

By distilling a successful agency’s knowledge into a series of digital marketing textbooks, we have provided future and current marketers with the techniques to adapt and succeed in the digital world.

  • Over 30 Years of Experience in Each Book
  • Updated Regularly with New Best Practices
  • Written for Students and Professionals alike
  • Individual Courses Make Learning Customizable

Mujo Learning Systems

What We did

Responsive Website Design & Development, UI/ UX Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing, Reputation Marketing, Content Development, Web Analytics, Training & Support Services, Marketing Consulting, Video Production, Logo Design & Branding

The Results

Created a New Logo

Swipe left to see the new Mujo logo.

Computer screen with Google search open to 'SEO textbook for high school' Mujo logo
After Redesign

Swipe to the right to see page 1 ranking results for “SEO textbook for high school“.


Mujo presented a unique challenge in that this is a company that is continually growing. Prior to the launch of the new website, Mujo’s previous platform was well designed but hard for Mujo employees to update on a routine basis.

Unlike previous incarnations of the website, the re-launch of the Mujo site needs to incorporate an e-commerce section with a login portal so returning school administration professionals can easily re-order. This e-commerce section must also have a back-end database that is easy-to-use for the Mujo operation’s team to access in order to keep in contact with clients and fulfill orders.

Moreover, Mujo offers a vast array of supplemental materials for instructors to draw upon. These supplemental materials must be easy for instructors to access and use while teaching.

The new website will also launch at the same time as a new animated video that goes over Mujo’s Turnkey Digital Marketing Curriculum. The addition of a video means that special considerations must be made with the homepage design.

Mujo website

I have worked with Think Profits.com on several projects over the last 10 years.

From corporate branding to digital marketing to content development and website design they have met my requirements. On the latest project I actually partnered with them. They have done the branding, logo, website, operational content and technology stack consulting to build a great platform. This has really helped launch a new company. We are now working on the content delivery platform with them to deliver our book content.

I would be happy to recommend them to anyone looking to get busy savvy leadership and creative with 20 years of digital marketing expertise to add to your project.

Adam WilkinsPresident

How thinkprofits.com

helped build an

online presence 

The Mujo Learning Systems team and Think Profits worked seamlessly to produce a user-friendly website with a design that was both on-brand and uncluttered.

A custom order form was built so that teachers, school administration, and students could each easily order the books they require. In addition, special provisions were put in to accommodate the different payment methods used in the education industry.

A backend content management system was created for the ordering process. In addition, a Teacher Portal was implemented giving instructors access to the materials they need to teach each course.

Mujo can now easily upload and update their content, change prices, adding or removing textbooks, and accommodate international orders.

The Results

Mujo is already experiencing great results with several new and returning schools successfully using the new order form.

By launching a new, user-friendly website the Mujo team have the resources to provide their current and prospective customers with an experience that was created with them in mind.

Together, the video and the website work hand-in-hand to promote Mujo’s vision – “To lead, inform, and inspire people and businesses by empowering them with the most current, relevant, and engaging educational content that they can experience anytime, anywhere.”