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Startup Strategy Consulting Pricing

If you have a start-up company, you will need a successful digital marketing strategy to help your brand grow. Our team of experts have the skills and know-how you need to go from a start-up to a superpower. Let us help you develop the marketing strategy you need and send you on the right path with our consulting packages.







We will provide you with a 28 page audit questionnaire

We will conduct a 3-4 hour strategy session

We will discuss the benefits of reputation & 5 star ratings

We will review the benefits of business listings accuracy across 60 platforms

We will discuss how website security/vulnerability affect your plan

We will discuss SEO and give you an overview of how it works

We will discuss a lead and conversion process, & why it’s important

We will review a domain name and intellectual property strategy

We will discuss design elements and mobile compatibility

We will review web analytics and recommend a dashboard

We will provide a complete project costing detail and budget summary

We will produce a project strategy report and implementation planner

We will discuss potential unique selling propositions (USP)

We will conduct an analysis of your top 3 competitors online

We will review an email marketing strategy

We will review shopping cart recommendations(if applicable)

We will work together and create quantifiable goals for you

We will discuss a social media strategy

We will discuss a pay-per-click (PPC) strategy

We will provide an overview of CRM and provide recommendations

We will conduct a brand strategy creative session

We will create a brand touch points map for you to easily see how your brand touches your clients & prospects

1We will discuss creating a brand strategy guide and provide recommendations

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