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Think CRM Marketing Automation

CRM marketing automation is the management of any software or platforms that allow companies to streamline, automate, scale, and measure marketing and sales tasks with the goal of increasing efficiency and growing revenue. This allows your company to make more money (and spend less while you’re at it).

At ThinkProfits, we provide CRM marketing automation management services so you can get all the benefits of automation while we do the heavy lifting for you.

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What is CRM Marketing Automation?

Customer relationship management (CRM) automation is the process of automating customer service and sales functions in order to increase efficiency and effectively track all engagement with leads and customers, from the first to the final touchpoint.

CRM marketing automation is about consolidating your customer relationship journey with an automated marketing platform to gain valuable insight into your data in order to help improve communication and lead generation from your platform. When done right, you will reduce your operational and marketing costs and have a funnel full of new clients and prospects.

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How Can CRM Marketing Automation Improve My Business?

CRM marketing automation can improve every aspect of your business because it not only increases efficiency and frees up time to devote to your priorities, it also provides you with the data necessary to make smarter decisions at every level. With CRM marketing automation, you can use smart data to improve your operations, customer service, product offerings, and more. All of this translates to streamlined processes and a higher ROI.

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What Type of CRM Marketing Services Does ThinkProfits Offer?

Our CRM marketing automation services will look different for every client because we customize your plan to your individual needs. A lot goes into successful marketing automation management. Here is just a little of what we can do for you:

  • Create email campaigns that are properly opted-in and in compliance with global email privacy laws including GDPR
  • Determine the best social media and email marketing platforms to use in order to reach your target demographics.
  • Create and manage targeted campaigns
  • Provide automatically sent survey, review, and follow-up emails to recent customers
  • Track useful customer data to enhance future strategies
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I wished to personally acknowledge the site has increased our lead generation, traffic to our site and email responses increase. Your strategies and expertise have been proven to me that Think are experts in the Internet field and certainly justify any service fees paid to your company. I am pleased to recommend Think to any company that wants to take a serious approach to leverage what the Internet can offer their business.

– Dean Duperron, President

Sprott-Shaw Community College

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