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Graphic Design / UX / UI Services

Think Creative Graphic, UX and UI Design

So, your website is functional and responsive, but how does it look? Do you have low quality images, inconsistent branding, or outdated graphics? We can fix that. Good creative graphic designs on your website, social media, and email campaigns is essential for capturing your customers’ attention and making them want to stick around long enough to learn what your business is all about.

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Creative Graphic Designs Services

ThinkProfits provides full creative design services tailored to your Vancouver business. No matter what industry you are in, professional creative graphic designs will give your website a polished feel that engages customers and makes your brand stand out. We offer the following graphic design services:

UX and UI design will improve the customer experience on your website. Designing the right flow of content and images for your UX (user experience) is paramount to give your users a good feeling when they visit your site. Happy customers who feel they are on the right site will increase your conversion rate with lead generations and or sales on your website. 

Video content is a powerful way to communicate your message. Not only that, people are generally more inclined to watch a video than read through a large block of text, so video is a highly effective medium for getting people to stay on your page for longer. Our production team will work with you to create a professional video that showcases your brand and tells your story. Click video content to see more statistics on how implementing videos can positively affect your business! 

Your company is unique and your logo and branding materials should reflect that. With our professional graphic design team, you’ll get a fresh logo and branding that appeals to your target market and communicates your company’s personality. Ensure that your website, email marketing, social media, ads, and more are consistently branded with your company’s logo and colour scheme.

A beautifully designed website isn’t worth much if all of the photos on the site are low quality and poorly shot. E-commerce websites require high quality product images if they want their potential customers to get a good view of what they’re buying. The images that you choose to put on your site are one of the first things visitors will see and can be the difference between a user immediately clicking away or staying to check things out and potentially purchase your product or services.

Infographics are shareable visual content that provide valuable information, such as answers to questions, definitions of key terms, or anything else that your audience finds useful. Breaking up informational content with appealing visuals makes the content more digestible and shareable, which can help drive traffic to your site and increase the number of backlinks you get from other websites sharing your infographic.

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ThinkProfits’ creative team has extensive experience doing graphic design for Vancouver companies in all different industries. Whatever your company does, our graphic design services will give you consistent branding and engaging visual appeal that work to draw customers in and improve conversion rates. Your business has a lot to offer–we make sure it looks the part.

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