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Get Your Business Found on Yelp and Mobile Devices That Rely on Yelp’s Business Location Services

So, What is Yelp for Business?

What is Yelp for business? Founded in 2004, Yelp is an online review site that helps direct business to various local companies, with over 120 million reviews written the Yelp user base frequently use this site as a reliable way to know where to visit when looking for something nearby. Any business can create a free account to post photos, message customers and provide all the relevant information a potential customer could be looking for. Users are able to post reviews, find events and talk with other ‘Yelpers.’ Having a general understanding of ‘what is yelp’ will benefit businesses that choose to use this platform to grow their company.

With 65 million unique visitors it is important for businesses that provide a service to their local community (dentist, restaurant, hair stylist) have a presence on the platform.  Many social media networks such as Facebook and Google give users the ability to review a location, however, Yelp is relied upon by it’s user-base for decision making as they trust other ‘Yelpers’ reviews and the platform itself.

I need help using Yelp!

How to Use Yelp for Business

  1. Claim Your Yelp Page
    • Yelp contains listings for most businesses, by filling out a short form you can claim your listing and make edits to your business listing.
    • Ensure your Business information includes the correct name, address, phone, number, and hours of operation.
  2. Read and Respond to Customer Reviews
    • After claiming your business listing, interact with reviews, both good and bad, by private message or publicly. The more positive reviews you receive the higher you will rank on Yelp.
  3. Post Content
    • Upload pictures of your business to improve the likelihood of receiving more business.
    • Offer special deals or gift certificates, this can be done through Yelp giving you analytics on its performance and storing the data of those who use it.
  4. Track Analytics
    • Get access to analytics on how many people view your site and what percentage of those were leads
  5. Advertise on Yelp with PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
    • Small business are able to pay and have their listing appear at the top of search results or on competitors pages.

These 5 steps are the instrumental ways that users are able to make their Yelp listing work for them, and as result drive customers and generate sales. Think Profits has a Reputation and Social Media Program that can be customized and designed to meet your Yelp needs, and that of other platforms. You can also take a look at our social media marketing services to boost your business on all social media platforms.

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