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Get Your Business Found on the Map with Mobile Apps that Use Foursquare Location Services

What is Foursquare

Foursquare had a strong presence years ago when it rose in popularity on the internet. Providing a way to let friends know where you are by tagging your current location and broadcasting that information out through social networks. Moreover, users could collect points, prizes and coupons for going about their everyday lives. This led to the world asking ‘what is Foursquare?’ They had hoped to grow into a social media platform that competed with Snapchat and Facebook, now their focus has switched into providing businesses information about companies using data collected as people check-in to their locations.

There are an estimated 10 million registered members. As a result, it is important companies take the necessary steps to build a presence on Foursquare, if set-up correctly, people who would like to check-in at your location will be able. There are run-off benefits to having a Foursquare account as it provides search engines the necessary data to improve your ranking. Now you know what is Foursquare, here’s how to use it.

I need help using Foursquare

How to Get Your Business on Foursquare

  • Create your page
    • Every location can be matched with a page, this page can be saved or liked by other pages.
    • Each Page is connected to a geographical location, this provides search engine’s with the information uploaded to the page.
  • Checking In
    • Users can manually check-in to locations they are visiting, the app collects data even if the user doesn’t decide to manually check-in. Businesses can use this data to better understand their customers.

It is that simple, setting up a Foursquare account is the most important aspect of using Foursquare and from then on it requires people to interact with the location. However, even if unused there is a benefit for all businesses to create a Foursquare account. Think Profits has a social media management program that can both set-up and manage all your different Social Media accounts.

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