After struggling with acquiring qualified leads that convert, Hoogbruin & Company hired Think Profits as their digital agency. After only six months of working with Think Profits, Hoogbruin & Company has seen an increase in traffic, qualified leads, and conversions through the redesign of their website and the implementation of monthly digital marketing services.

The biggest challenge for any law firm is obtaining qualified leads that result in professional relationships with clients, and not simply calls from people with “just a question” that do not result in a case. Hoogbruin & Company is a Vancouver-based personal injury law firm that found the ever-present struggle of attracting qualified leads even more difficult when provincial legislation excluded previously legitimate clients from litigation, negatively impacting many personal injury law firms across British Columbia.


Hoogbruin & Company Law Firm 

What We did

Responsive Website Design & Development, UI/ UX Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Marketing, Content Development, Web Analytics, Blog Writing, Training & Support Services

The Results


Organic traffic increase in first 3 months

  • 35% average session time increase
  • 60% increase in time spent on website per session


Increase in website users from Google Ads

  • Increase of an average of 93 users per month from advertising
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When provincial legislation changes excluded previously legitimate clients from litigation, many personal injury law firms were hurting. The legislative changes made obtaining qualified leads even more difficult, and it was clear that the firm needed help. They were proactive and, upon recommendation from another local law firm, went to Think Profits to retool their digital marketing strategy.

hoogbruin and company responsive web design
Before Redesign

Swipe left to see the previous Hoogbruin & Company website before coming to Think Profits for a new responsive website.

hoogbruin law firm after website redesign homepage screenshot hoogbruin law firm before website redesign homepage screenshot
After Redesign

Swipe to the right to see Hoogbruin & Company’s new responsive website.

How thinkprofits.com

helped achieve 15% more

organic web traffic

The Think Profits team recommended a complete website redesign and overhaul of the firm’s digital marketing strategy, implementing SEO, PPC, blog writing, and social media services. The result was an increase in the number of qualified leads with an organic traffic increase of 15% and a 47% increase in visitors from paid ads.

The Results

As Hoogbruin & Company has seen a substantial increase in traffic to their website over the course of only six months, the firm is focusing on converting the qualified leads obtained through marketing efforts and expanding its client base outside of the Lower Mainland and into different areas of law.