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Drive Your Customers to Convert from a Landing Page that is Designed for a Single Focused Objective


So, What is a Landing Page?

If there is one thing you can do to improve your ROI it is to use landing pages on your website. So, what is a landing page? In its simplest form, a landing page is any web page that a visitor can arrive at or “land” on.

While a landing page is connected to your website, you will not find links to it in your main navigation. Moreover, your landing page will have a different look and feel to the other pages on your website. This means it will be written differently, have calls-to-action throughout, and include a lead generation form.

Types of Landing Pages

There are two primary types of landing pages: SEO landing pages and PPC landing pages. While they may look quite similar on first glance, there are subtle differences between each that differentiate them from one another.

SEO Landing Page

Traditionally, you hear people refer to landing pages in terms of pay-per-click advertising campaigns. However, properly optimizing a landing page for SEO will yield a higher ROI and generate more qualified leads.

An SEO optimized landing page needs to be well written, keyword focused, authoritative, and longer in length. The copy needs to be written simply and in a compelling tone. The goal of an SEO landing page is to get the user to fill out your lead generation form, give you a call, or stop by your physical location.

When you have several properly optimized SEO landing pages you can dominate page one on every major search engine.

PPC Landing Page

While an SEO landing page will be longer in length, a PPC landing page is much more concise. In addition, an SEO landing page will contain a lot of information and is very explanatory in nature. A PPC landing page, however, “cuts-to-the-chase” and is more direct in language.

Your PPC landing page will contain keywords and message matching. Message matching means that the language of the PPC landing page must match the language of your PPC ad. This is important because it will help convert users into leads.

A solid PPC landing page will show the benefits and features of your product, as well as, have clear calls-to-action and a lead capture form. A successfully written PPC landing page will compel the user to purchase your product, enquire about your services, or fill out a contact form.

Landing Page Best Practices

Here are some other elements that make a landing page effective:

  • A Strong Headline
  • Benefit Oriented Content
  • Scannable Content
  • Calls-to-Action
  • Visual Clarity
  • Testing/Monitoring

When each of these elements is properly combined within a page, you are well on your way to digital marketing success! The more landing pages your website has, the better your overall SEO and search engine dominance will be.

If you want more information on our digital marketing services in Vancouver, what is a landing page and how it will work for your business – drop us a line. We’re always happy to “talk shop”! Let us know what your ideal goals are and we will work with your team to create the ideal landing page experience for your company of business. Dominating page one of Google and other search engines has never been easier with Think Profits.

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