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The popularity of social networking seems to grow exponentially every day.  And only now are businesses realizing what a powerful tool it is.  Instead of just advertising to a young demographic, they can now do market research, brand their products and services, and increase awareness of their company.  The feature of social networking is the power to build a huge social network that would be impossible to do other than on the internet.  From there, you can connect with potential clients through more personal emails, phone calls, and face to face meetings.

Twitter is a micro-blogging service that allows people with accounts to post a 140 character-maximum text.  These text posts are known as “tweets”, and you may post as many as you like one-at-a-time throughout the day.  Others can follow your account and be kept informed of your news immediately  Twitter has been ranked as one of the 50 most popular web sites in the world and third most popular social network.  It’s a popular form of communications for both business and news.

Any business who wants to reach out to clients and potential customers would be wise to create a Twitter account.  Followers would be informed of up-to-the minute company news and sales events.  Your followers can then inform their followers of the news you posted, and their followers can inform their followers, and so on and so on.   And since posting on Twitter is free, it’s inconceivable as to why a company or business would not want to create a social network through a Twitter account.  It’s the perfect way to promote oneself and drive business and traffic to their web site or store.  The bottom line is that it’s an inexpensive way to improve your bottom line.

For customers, it’s advantageous for them to be connected to Twitter to learn of a business’s upcoming sales and promotions, especially if there is a limited quantity or end date to the sale.

You can be further connected by accessing Twitter through your mobile phone by using a Twitter application you can download from the internet.  That way, you can either update or stay informed while on the go.  And as expected, there are many choices to choose from.  Some are free and some come with a small fee.

For the iPhone

  • One of the more popular Twitter apps for your iPhone is Twittelator, which comes in both a free version and also Twittelator Pro which you must purchase for $5.  While they both connect you to Twitter, the Pro version comes with many more features including multiple accounts, checking nearby tweets, and creating custom sub-groups.
  • For $3, you can download Tweetie, which also allows you to handle multiple accounts, and also upload pictures and update your Twitter location.
  • TwitterFon is a popular iPhone Twitter app because it is free and straightforward.  Search and upload pictures fast and simple.
  • Twitterrific may cost $15 to download but they are coming out with a new 2.1 Twitter App that will allows you to record and post video to your iPhone 3GS.

For the Blackberry

  • Most people use the free Blackberry Twitter application TwitterBerry.  It offers most of the same functions as your standard desktop Twitter.

For the Smartphone

  • You should check out ceTwit.  It’s free to download for the Smartphone.

Having the best app for Twitter on your mobile phone is all about keeping yourself connected.  It allows you to follow and be followed with up-to-the-minute news and information.  In today’s fast-paced world, sometimes being informed one second early makes a big difference; whether it is a news story, a store sale, or a stock tip.

Please contact  We can help you optimize your company and business to maximize your returns through Twitter social networking.