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Today marks our agency’s 24th birthday! We couldn’t be happier to have spent the last 24 years growing with our clients and are excited to see what our 25th year brings.

Since our incorporation in 1996, Think Profits has seen a lot of changes in the digital marketing world. We made it (and, in fact, grew and thrived) through the Dot Com Crash of 2001 and the Financial Crisis of 2009. Our company was able to do so well through those times because we have always believed in the power of adapting and being open to work with the current climate instead of fighting against it. 

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We are currently seeing another challenge to the economy with the coronavirus pandemic, and are pleased to be helping many businesses get through this difficult time with the aid of our marketing efforts and online transition strategies. Once again due to our adaptability and innovation, our agency has been able to seamlessly transition to a completely remote virtual office, and is working tirelessly to help other businesses do the same through free consulting services.

As we enter our 25th year, we are grateful to have come so far from where we started and are looking forward to continuing to evolve, overcome new challenges, and keep striving for the best.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go celebrate with a slice of cake.