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The impact that social media has on your search engine ranking is becoming paramount for page one success. Social signals such as tweets, Facebook shares or likes, and most notably Google +1’s, are critical factors when climbing the SEO ladder and should no longer be taken for granted.

Search engines are getting more intelligent every year, and although the way the “crawlers” index websites has changed, the message that Google is sending to us hasn’t; user experience is king, and there’s no better user experience than a social interaction with someone who has interacted with the product that you’re marketing. This is precisely what social media can do, and it’s starting to have an effect on where your website ranks.

All forms of social sharing can be correlated to the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), but Google +1’s in particular hold the heaviest amount of weight, making it a more relevant social medium than ever before. Google +1’s function the same way as a Facebook like or a Twitter favorite, but with much more SEO potency. This is obviously due to Google+ being weaved from the same strings used to create the Google search engine.

Because this is all programmed by the same source, Google+ posts are picked up and indexed by the crawlers almost immediately. It’s also worth noting that a Google+ profile page is optimized exactly the same way as any other landing page, which means a Google+ profile can easily compete with a regular website or landing page. This is great from a branding perspective, for it allows companies to use their Google+ profile pages to capture more real estate on the search engines, giving them more visibility and exposure. Google+ posts are also unique in the regard that the shelf life of a post is substantially higher than that of the Facebook or Twitter equivalent. Google+ profiles gain page rank, and have the capability of lasting a long period of time on search engines.

Now more than ever, is stressing the importance of social media strategies and the edge one can give you over your competition when contesting for page one, position one status. Talk with one of our account representatives for more information.