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If you feel like your website has lost its appeal, it most likely already has. Website owners who’ve had the privilege and bragging rights from top page ranking over the years have felt the same pinch regardless of the industry they’re in.

Are you one of those website owners? Have you wondered why your page rank is falling while nothing has changed on your website – for years?

Once upon a time, websites were built only for 1 or 2 dominating web browsers on desktops and laptops. The evolution of technology has since spawned the proliferation of wireless devices such as smartphones and tablets with different viewing resolutions, always connected to the internet and forever changing the playing field.

Software has become more and more interactive from games to apps on our devices, raising the bar for engagement and elevating user experience as one of the defining indicators for website relevance and usefulness – hallmarks of search engine optimization.

Content goes stale after a while. New information renders old information obsolete, pushing older content down in the hierarchy of relevance and authority.

If your customers aren’t happy with their experience on your website, they will likely click away, taking their business elsewhere.

Everyone who has run a successful website marketing strategy in the past and kept top ranking positions at one point or another is not immune to this reality check.

Change, therefore, is inevitable whether you like it or not. It’s time for a redesign!

How can an older site maintain its ranking over time?
By Matt Cutts of Google Web Spam / Search Quality Team