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How Client Reviews Can Boost SEO, Give You Free Content, and Help with Keyword Research

Customer reviews are a great way to gage how your company is doing and what it can do better, but they are also a goldmine for creating engaging content! You can put your customer reviews to work for you by integrating them into your new content, using them for keyword research, and learning what language is the best for effectively communicating with your clients.

Stay Authentic

Do NOT buy fake reviews. This will hurt your brand, not help it. Search engines (not to mention readers) will pick up on inauthentic reviews and will not trust your brand. Simply do your job well and you will get positive reviews that are 100% genuine that you can showcase and use to your advantage.

Use Reviews to Come Up with Topics

See what topics reviewers are interested in (or not) and use that to direct your blog posts, newsletters, and social media. Pay attention to negative reviews, too. They will let you know how customers are unsatisfied with what you’re doing and what gaps there are in your content that need to be filled.

Add Reviews to Your Content

Testimonials are a great way to get new clients on board. Instead of just having a “comments” or “reviews” section on your website where users can go to read positive testimonials, embed the best quotes right into your most heavily-trafficked pages and posts. For example, an “About Us” page can benefit hugely from including a bolded quote from a satisfied customer so that when new potential clients come your way to learn about what your company does, they will see a specific example of how you helped a real person.

Use Language Your Reviewers Use

Quotes are not the only way that you can use customer reviews to beef up content. Pay attention to the words customers are using and use those same words in your upcoming blog posts, newsletters, social media, and other content. Lift specific phrasing and keywords from reviews and plunk it right into your own copy. This will make your writing sound more relatable to your readers and will help with SEO by adding keywords that are of interest to your readers.

Engage with Reviewers on Social Media

Use a review as an excuse to follow up with clients. If someone leaves a positive review, share it on social media and tag the reviewer. This will show off your compliment to your followers and make the reviewer feel special and cared for. Win, win!

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