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Google Chrome controlled 64% of the web browser market in July 2017 according to W3Counter.

They are by far the market leader and therefore whatever they do will have an impact on your website.

On August 17th Google sent out an email to all webmasters, via Google Search Console, notifying us of a new update coming to Chrome in October, Chome 62.  Once the update goes live, Chrome will show a ‘not secure’ warning on all HTTP pages that have a form and all HTTP pages visited in incognito mode.

This warning will notify your website visitors that if they enter their data into your site on an HTTP page, that data could be stolen.  This warning could drastically decrease the conversion rate of your website, costing you valuable leads and customers!

Here’s what the new warning will look like:



But don’t fret, there is an easy fix!


Installing a Security Sockets Locker (SSL) Certificate

Installing a Security Sockets Locker (SSL) certificate onto your website will upgrade your web pages to HTTPS. This stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure.  Chrome will now notify your website visitors that their data is secure whenever they type information into your website.

A small green pad lock will appear next to your domain name just like in the picture below:



This will reassure your website visitors that they can browse your website in complete safety.

There is an added bonus of updating your site with an SSL certificate.  Since 2014, Google has been giving a small SEO rankings bonus to websites that are HTTPS secure.  With this latest update, it looks like Google is only going to be favoring HTTPS secure websites more in the future.

If you need help updating your website to HTTPS, contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.

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