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With a combined riding experience of 9 years on this cycling journey, Nathan Kondra, Jeff Thiessen, and other dear and brave friends of ours take off this weekend for this year’s The Ride to Conquer Cancer® presented by Silver Wheaton benefiting BC Cancer Foundation.

The annual ride in British Columbia starts like many others all across Canada. Many riders undergo a training regimen in one form or another, including spin classes, to prepare for the grueling physical demands of the journey. All riders condition their minds and body but mostly heart leading up to this event.

In between rides throughout the year, life happens for all of us – riders and spectators alike. My older brother was recently diagnosed with cancer from remission that began 3 years ago, believing that he had defeated the spread of the malignant tumor that took away one of his kidneys then. Now it’s back with a vengeance, and my family is reeling from the experience and praying for healing. Faith, hope and love immediately take precedence, reminding us that love and compassion surround us and that we’re not alone in the fight for the cure. The world is suddenly a kinder and gentler place.

My story is but one of many human stories of courage and conviction that our riders take with them in their fund raising journey, making this year no different from previous years with every pedal to the finish line counting for someone and raising awareness about the fight against cancer in our global community.

“We are all in this together and our fight will not be won alone,” Nathan writes in his personal campaign for support. Help fight cancer with us by donating from Nathan Kondra’s personal fundraising page, “Support My Ride to Conquer Cancer® Dedicated to John Kondra My Dad.”

I hope that one day there’s a cure for cancer. Meanwhile, I’ll never stop praying for a miracle.