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I’m happy to announce the launch of our new online store at This is a low cost alternative to manage your technical services.

This store is perfect for businesses who want to have full control over their technical and web services. And, get the lowest price!

This new system puts you in the driver’s seat. Imagine that you can now assign any internal or external administrator(s) to manage the following from an easy-to-use log-in section:

  • Domain Name Ordering and Management – Access all of your domain names in one place.
  • Email Ordering and Management – Make changes or add an email for a new staff member.
  • FTP Web Hosting / WordPress (With the exception of ColdFusion hosting) – Gain access and make edits on the fly.
  • Templated Websites Ordering, Setup and Management – Set up new products or services quickly and easily.
  • Templated Ecommerce Websites Ordering Setup and Management – Sell your products or services online inexpensively.
  • Calendaring and Scheduling Ordering and Management – Organize your team calendars and appointments more efficiently.
  • Online Cloud Storage Ordering and Management – Get access to your files wherever you are on any computer you choose.
  • 24×7 / 365 Support – Get technical support for your domain and web services after regular hours.

Note: I’m also launching a Tier 2 support program for both Microsoft Office 365 and GmailGoogle Apps for Business. Both systems are cloud based and require no Microsoft Exchange Server in your office, greatly lowering your costs.

If you wish to move your services to the new online storefront, simply go to, sign up for an account and begin today! If you have any questions or want to engage my team to do it for you, feel free to call (604) 638-1188. (Migration fees may apply.)