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Digital Marketing Strategy

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Maybe you’re finding your online marketing strategy isn’t working, or maybe you’re noticing your competitors are doing a better job of marketing than you are. Whatever your reasons, there are numerous ways in which a digital marketing consultant can help grow your business and streamline your marketing strategy for maximum results.

Think Profits has 3 decades of experience in the digital marketing Industry and offers extensive online marketing consulting service with a flexible approach to assess marketing performance and to implement solutions. We analyze exactly why your online performance is suffering or simply not getting off the ground. We will give you the tools and solutions that you need to grow, thrive, and succeed. We recommend to learn more about our digital marketing parthenon strategy and how this strategy works evertime it’s implimented.

The Story About Our Digital Marketing Parthenon Strategy Creation

The Parthenon, in Greece, is commonly used as a symbol of strength. Despite being 2500 years old, the stone columns still hold up the heavy roof base to this day. Most importantly, no one column supports the Parthenon. Each one adds strength, and collectively they have supported a building that has withstood all forms of damage. From man-made threats, like explosions, to nature’s threats, like earthquakes, the Parthenon draws its enduring strength from a base built with many supports. If one or several supports fail or are destroyed, there remains enough supports (strategies = columns) to prevent the structure from falling over and collapsing.

In 2003 Jay Abraham introduced our President, Shawn Moore, to the theory of the ‘Marketing Parthenon’. In 2004, Shawn experienced the Parthenon’s wonder in Greece first-hand and  returned to Vancouver with the Industry’s first ‘Digital Marketing Parthenon Strategy,’ focusing purely on digital marketing implementation.  

Companies build strong digital marketing Parthenon’s by implementing marketing strategies with a comprehensive range of supports. Those companies can endure the many threats that will come to all businesses eventually. This includes man-made forces, like competition; technology changes; the dot com crash of 2001, which sent the stock market spiraling; and the global monetary crisis of 2008/2009, which forced millions into bankruptcy. These companies are also better prepared to weather nature’s threats, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, which shut down all global economies.  

Over the 3 decades that our agency has been using our ‘Digital Marketing Parthenon Strategy’ it has worked every time that it is implemented correctly. Shawn attests to this because his companies not only survived each of the most challenging times in business as described above but grew and increased revenue using this digital marketing Parthenon strategy. Shawn presents that if it can work for him and his clients businesses, it can also work for any business that follows the same strategy. 


At the base of all digital marketing strategies are core concepts and actions: strategy, keyword research, analytics and reporting, and conversion optimization. A strategy is vital because it sets a clear plan that factors in a wide range of relevant influences. Keywords are at the core of almost all digital marketing activities, so they feed into and support all channels. Analytics and reporting are necessary as all aspects must be objectively monitored, assessed, and improved upon. The ultimate goal of all digital marketing is email capture and conversions, whether they are form fills, sales, downloads, signups, or other ways that users engage. All activities have some level of conversion as their goal and optimizing for that goal is strategic for success. 

Columns / Pillars 

The Parthenon’s main support pillars create the strength that allows for enduring success. Not able to stand on just one or two activities, strategic digital marketing means building marketing across different channels. A strong range of channels includes SEO, PPC advertising, engaging content, email marketing, 5-star reviews, social media, and CRM automation. Digital marketing strategies will not always employ all the pillars, but most should have elements of each pillar. In many cases, the most effective strategies will place more emphasis on two or three pillars and less on others. An effective and strategic digital marketing strategy will rarely be built on a single pillar. Although it is possible to achieve, it is not recommended for long term business success. 

Roof Top

At the pinnacle of business success is revenue and brand positioning. Business is about revenue and making a great reputation, so sales are even easier. This happens through lead generation and/or e-commerce sales, as well as great website and app user experiences. After all, when people find their digital interactions with a company to be easy and enjoyable, they return!

Online Marketing Solutions Tailored to Your Business and Priorities

Think Profits’ digital marketing consultancy services are designed to help business owners and marketing managers to answer business questions and elevate marketing performance by streamlining processes and changing the way you do business for the better.

Our approach as a digital marketing consultant is to listen to your business objectives and goals, evaluate your existing marketing strategies, and analyze marketing data in order to establish an effective marketing strategy.

Perhaps You Would Like To DIY and Learn to Improve Your Skills?

If so, we literally wrote the book on Digital Marketing Strategy. Our team of Canadian Digital Marketing Expert Consultants worked with to create a digital marketing textbooks library used in top colleges and universities across North America. Trusted by over 180 institutions to teach digital marketing strategy.

Take Advantage and Learn From 3 Decades of Our Experience!

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Digital Marketing Agency

Hiring an online marketing agency or digital marketing consultant can be a daunting task no matter what size your business. That’s why it’s important to properly evaluate the agency you’re looking to hire and make sure their strategy and process aligns with your company vision.

At Think Profits, when working with clients, we spend a great deal of time auditing and analyzing marketing and advertising needs to properly determine the best courses of action and create a marketing plan focused on optimization and growth. In this discovery phase our marketing consultants sit with you and begin by determining your goals, your primary and secondary target markets, buyer personas, and competition. We take all we discover and create a customized strategy that our marketing agency can then implement and execute for you.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Website Maintenance

Part of effective digital marketing consultancy is the ability to analyze the existing platforms your business has in place. This almost always starts with the front-facing side of your business—your website. Our consultancy team will evaluate and analyze your website to identify improvements and optimizations that can be made as part of the overall digital marketing strategy.

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Digital Marketing Audit

A digital marketing audit is a complete review of all your digital marketing efforts.

All of our audits include:

  • Website audit
  • SEO audit
  • Online reputation audit
  • Complete review of your existing marketing strategy
  • Competitor analysis (top 3 competitors)
  • Leads conversion review
  • Website security & vulnerability
  • Domain name asset and intellectual property review
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I contacted Think Profits after reading many of the other positive reviews. After working with many members of the team over the course of several months, I can say that the glowing reviews are well-deserved. I am thoroughly impressed with the level of their expertise and the attentive customer service.

–  Sabina Beesley

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Digital Marketing Consulting Will Help Grow Your Business

SEO Services Calgary Marketing Agency

Many people hear the world consultant and immediately see large dollar amounts. While consultancy isn’t cheap, it is affordable because it comes with a massive amount of value to your business. And let’s face it, would you want to gamble your business growth on a cheap marketing consultant?

Marketing and advertising is an investment in the future of your business and for your business growth. Our goal is to help you maximize the return on this investment by creating an integrated  marketing strategy. This can include developing a better sales tracking and management system to complement your marketing efforts.

As a Vancouver-based digital marketing consultant, Think Profits offers clients different packages to help them choose the right option for their business.

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Featured Consultant Services

We offer a number of services as part of our digital marketing consultancy, but here are just a few we’d like to highlight:

Is your digital marketing strategy simply not working? Get back on track with our professional Audit Services. A fresh set of discerning eyes to plan your new strategy will increase ROI and help generate more qualified leads.

Are you blessed with an entrepreneurial spirit? Do you have a great idea? Are you finally starting your dream business? If you need help putting together a proper business plan and strategy to launch your new business online, offline, or both, our consultancy team is ready to help!

Training & Support Services

Need help with a website edit, figuring out a technical issue, or help with social media? Our Support Services give you access to our professional team of experienced experts on a per minute basis. Save time and money with our support team so you can concentrate on more important things.

Yup, We Wrote the book on AI Marketing Too.

Our team of Canadian Digital AI Marketing Experts worked with to create a digital marketing textbooks library used in top colleges and universities across North America. Trusted by over 180 institutions to teach Artificial Intelligence Marketing.

Take Advantage and Learn From 3 Decades of Our Experience!

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Advantages of a Digital Marketing Consultant

As you can see, there are lots of reasons to work with a digital marketing consultant, but here are the main things we want you to take away:

A Dedicated Advisor

Think about the value of having access to an industry professional who can advise you on marketing practices and strategy, to actively work to grow your business, increase sales, and give you peace of mind that you’re making the right decisions.

Greater Insight

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. By having a third party analyze your existing marketing plan and website, you’ll be able to see the areas of improvement that likely weren’t as visible to you before.

A Customized Strategic Plan / Better Results

Working with a digital marketing consultant means you’ll be implementing a fully customized marketing strategy that’s tailored to your business vision and goals. You can rest comfortably knowing you’re taking educated action toward scaling your business in the right direction and will achieve better results and ROI for your marketing spend.

Advantages of Marketing Consultant

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