The biggest challenge for any law firm is obtaining qualified leads that result in professional relationships with clients, and not simply calls from people with “just a question” that do not result in a professional relationship. Thomas & Associates is a Vancouver-based family law firm that found itself struggling to acquire qualified leads and wasting valuable time on leads that did not have real potential to convert into clients.

The team at Thomas & Associates was struggling with finding the time to spend on their digital marketing strategy and found themselves receiving many phone calls and form fills from unqualified leads that took up time without resulting in a lot of conversions. After hiring Think Profits as their digital marketing agency, Thomas & Associates has seen a significant increase in traffic, qualified leads, and conversions through the redesign of their website and the implementation of monthly digital marketing services.


Thomas & Associates Law Firm

What We did

Responsive Website Design & Development, Digital Marketing Auditing Services, Email Signature Design, Online Marketing (Pay-Per-Click), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Reputation Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, UI/ UX Design

The Results


Organic Search Contact Us Form Fills

  • Organic conversion rate increase of 212%
  • 21% more page views
  • 40% more organic web visitors


Google Ad Contact Us Form Fills

  • Paid conversion rate increase of 80%
  • Paid sessions increased by 73%
  • Paid web traffic increased by 106%
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Before engaging Think Profits’ services, Thomas & Associates’ biggest pain point as a firm was acquiring qualified leads. Sure, they were getting plenty of phone calls, but most of those calls were people who “just wanted to ask a question,” did not want to pay for a consultation, and did not result in a new professional relationship, but did take up valuable time. Think Profits’ digital marketing services increased the number of qualified leads that convert coming in to the firm.

Thomas & Associates new responsive website

The Think Profits team and in particular David have done a great job of making very successful marketing recommendations and allowing us as a firm to discuss our goals and needs, and from that input, to fine tune what has become an excellent marketing program. Full marks to the TP team for not just listening to our instructions but developing a very successful website and related advertisements.

Garry K. ThomasB.A., LL.B.

How thinkprofits.com

helped achieve a

lead increase of 300%

After engaging Think Profits’ digital marketing services, Thomas and Associates saw a 40% increase in organic web visitors from April 2019-April 2020 over the previous year. This averages out to 70 more web visitors per month generated organically and a conversion rate increase of 212%. The firm also saw an increase of 106% in traffic and a 300% increase of form fills generated by Google ads, which resulted in a conversion increase of 80% for these channels. This all translates to the firm getting significantly more qualified leads that converted and became paying clients.

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