CCD Energy Services is a leading horizontal directional drilling company based in Edmonton. They began as Cablecraft, digging trenches to lay down utility services. As the industry expanded, Cablecraft adopted and innovated many new drilling techniques, including horizontal directional drilling, which became an industry standard. The name Cablecraft no longer suited the company, nor did their website.


CCD Energy Services

What We did

Responsive Website Design & Development, Logo Design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Development, Web Analytics, Video Production

The Results

Before Redesign

Swipe left to see the previous CCD logo before coming to Think Profits for a new logo.

CCD energy services new logo CCD energy services old logo
After Redesign

Swipe to the right to see CCD’s new logo.


In 2009, CCD Energy Services came to Think Profits with their name already rebranded; however, they needed a new logo, a new website and a new digital marketing strategy. The current Cablecraft/CCD Energy Services websites did not have any SEO content in their pages whatsoever.

CCD Energy Services website

I wish to acknowledge your firm’s excellent and ongoing efforts in the development, marketing and optimization of our CCD Energy Services website. Your company has met or exceeded all my expectations for achieving our predetermined timelines and objectives. Think Profits has demonstrated their ability to identify my company’s specific needs and create a website design that accurately exemplifies our brand. Also, the after sales customer service has been second to none.

Since its launch, the site has given CCD an internet presence that has resulted in many first time customer contacts that have been converted to sales. We are pleased to note that our initial investment in website development have been recovered many times over. In addition, the ongoing search engine optimization that you perform on our website keeps us at the top of all the major internet search indexes.

I would recommend Think Profits to any company that is looking for a full-service website development company that wants a serious approach to leveraging what the Internet can offer.

Robert BilidaPresident

How thinkprofits.com

helped achieve page 1

organic rankings

The Think Profits design team created a new logo for CCD Energy Services. The horizontal green underline under the new bold font of “CCD” represents the horizontal directional drilling aspect of their services and moving into the future.

CCD Energy Services wanted to promote themselves as an environmentally friendly drilling company. The design team was tasked with developing an easy-to-navigate website featuring friendly earth tones.

The content team researched highly focussed keywords including “horizontal directional drilling”. Five SEO landing pages were written to cover their main drilling services. It was decided a President’s Welcome video would also be produced and featured on the home page.

The Results

Within months, CCD Energy Services landing pages were ranking on page one of Google search engine results pages and that continues to the present day. The President’s Welcome Message engages visitors by introducing Robert Bilida, the company, and its services.

Currently, CCD Energy Services has decided to keep up with the times and website design. They have reengaged Think Profits to redesign their website and create new SEO landing pages.